Walmart Money Maker and Freebie Haul, 8/20/21

 HI went to Walmart today with high hopes of actually getting a moneymaker out of the haul.  I tend to disappoint myself by not reading the fine lines on the coupon apps.  I’ve only been doing this for 6 months now, and I still have a lot to learn.  However, I was pleasantly surprised when I summed up my total and found out that I had a +$25 moneymaker on my hands ($11 if you don’t count the 3 months free of peacock).

I did a TikTok video summarizing the deals, but sometimes it’s also good to have a visual or a list for reference so others can duplicate the deals.  So here is the summary of my $25 MoneyMaker Walmart Haul!!!

First, let’s go over the apps you will need for this deal.  

Now that you have everything you need for this haul…let’s break it down item by item…

OxiClean Sanitizer 2 $7.96 $15.92
Swagbucks 2 N/A -$10.00
Shopkicks   815 kicks -$3.26
Checkout51 2 $1.75 -$3.50

Total: $0.84 MMI did have a few issues with the swagbuck promotion, but they fixed it within a couple of hours and I did get the bonuses.  

Purell 8oz 1 $2.97 $2.97
Fetch Rewards 2 2970pts -$2.97

Total: FREE

Sir Kensington’s Product 1 $3.96 $3.96
Fetch Rewards 1 1239pts $1.24
Fetch Rewards BONUS 1 $14.97 -$14.97

If this offer is available to you guys on Fetch Rewards…take it!!!  Not only do you get $1.24 back on ANY Sir Kensington’s item (you could have bought a cheaper item if available)…but you get 3 whole months of Peacock streaming service for FREE!!!  That’s a huge deal worth $14.97…and I know because I’m subscribed to the now.  It’s not cheap…

Total: $9.77 MM (yes I’m including the free Peacock in the total)

Kaboom with OxiClean 2 $3.24 $6.48
Swagbucks 2 N/A -$8.00

Again, I had a little trouble getting this deal to load on Swagbucks, but they were quick to respond and fix the error.  

Total: $1.52 MM

BIC Soleil 1 $4.92 $4.92
Checkout51 1 $3.00 -$3.00 1 $3.00 -$3.00

Total: $1.08 MM

Maybelline Fit Me Product 1 $5.34 $5.34
MFG Coupon 1 $2.00 -$2.00
Swagbucks 1 $5.00 -$5.00

Total: $1.66 MM

#2 Pencils 1 $2.47 $2.47
Ibotta 1 $2.00 -$2.39

Of all of the items to have to pay for…it was the #2 pencils.  Ibotta had a “free” offer, but the only one that attached was this $2.47 pack of pencils. 

Total: $0.08

Suave Deo. & Lotion Bundle 1 $2.63 $2.63
Shopkicks 1 $5.26 -$5.26

For this bundle I purchased a deodorant that was $0.97 and a lotion that was $1.66.  

Total: $2.63 MM

Suave Shampoo & Body Wash Bundle 1 $2.95 $2.95
Shopkicks 1 $5.26 -$5.26
MFG Coupon 1 $1.00 -$1.00

For this bundle I purchased a shampoo that was $1.98 and a body was that was $0.97.  The $1 coupon attached to the shampoo and was in the August Uniliver insert. 

Total: $3.31 MM

Kotex U Lightdays 4 $2.97 $11.88
Ibotta 4 $2.00 -$8.00
Fetch 1 1116pts -$1.12
MFG Coupon 2 $4.00 -$8.00

Total: $5.24 MM

Total for all of the items after rebates: $25.97 MM

Total for all of the items after rebates (not including Peacock): $11 MM




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